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Do you have responsive web design to keep your visitors surfing your website through different screens?

Half of the online customers consider responsive web design the #1 criteria for determining the credibility of a brand, how your website looks like?

Web design is not just about colors, pictures and themes .Our approach to web design begins with understanding your site visitors’ needs first. The main reason that searchers surf your blog or website is that they are looking for solutions .Having said that while doing web design the most important items for us is to provide a user friendly web site flow to your visitors to not just helping them to find the proper solutions offer by your business easily but building relationship with your brand and guide them through the sale funnel smoothly.

Today, with increasing preference of customers to surf the web across tablets and smart phones, responsive web design is becoming increasingly important since it allows you to stay ahead of the trend. In simple words, responsive web design means one site that can be implemented across devices, “One site for every screen.”

At Beloved Marketing we consider a complete integrated process for building websites, web design or web development. This approach includes learning about your visitors’ need, customer focused content, simplifying the navigation through different pages of your web site, building relationship with your online visitors, generating leads and delighting your customers.

Why should I use Responsive Web Design?

Mobile web usage is growing rapidly which means more online prospects and customers. Websites that are not optimized will miss enormous amount of business opportunity on tablets and mobiles.

Statistics shows that mobile sales have already overtaken Pc sales. Mobile digital media time in many countries is now significantly higher in comparison with desktop.

It means if you are not providing satisfactory mobile experience for your customers through responsive web design, you will definitely miss out compared to your competitors who are enjoying responsive web design for their brands.

Responsive web design reduce the development time and cost. Instead of spending time and money to build a separate mobile website in addition to your traditional desktop website, the responsive web design approach enables you to optimize your website for any screen through just a single customer friendly website.

Brands that having separate desktop and mobile websites, need to run separate SEO campaigns. It is clear that managing one responsive website and one SEO campaign in far easier than managing two sites and two SEO campaigns.

Responsive web design is the best solution when you want to make your website both mobile and search engine friendly. A responsive web design is a single dynamic version of website for any screen size that makes it easier for each search engine to understand and serve your content better.

Responsive web design is Google’s recommended mobile configuration. The reason is that regardless of device, responsive web design sites have one URL and the same HTML, which makes it easier for Google to crawl, index, and organize content.

We believe......

We believe a branded website has responsive web design, which works as a lead generator machine for you 24/7. A user friendly website which is customer focused that makes it easy for your prospects to find you online via any screen size and lead them to learn more about your services and products.

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